Throat Specialist needed in Metro Detroit with a specialization in vocal loss
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I am looking for a Throat and vocal specialist in the Metro Detroit area.

My mother lost her voice about a year ago, she can only get out a couple of words at a time- and when they do come out it is very scratchy, although not whispery. She had a stint put in her throat last year because the doctor said her throat was narrowing and that a stint would help her. That hasn't worked. About 2 weeks ago when she went to see another doctor he gave her throat spray..what an idiot. I am looking for any specialist out there that is willing to take medicare-medicaid, since my mom is technically disabled and currently unemployed.
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Has your mother seen a Speech-Language Pathologist (kind of like a PT or OT but for speech issues)? Or can she get a referral for one? Or is there a reason her doctors haven't recommended that already? Sorry, I can't recommend any specific practioners.
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I've been seeing Dr. Jan Akervall (an otolaryngologist) at the Rontal-Akervall Clinic in Farmington Hills for a mysterious chronic cough I've had for a few months (the clinic was recommended by my rheumatologist). Today while I was in the waiting room I noticed on the door of the practice under the doctors' names it said something about "specialists in problems of the voice" or words to that effect. Here is their website with more info on the clinic and the various physicians. So far I've been pleased with Dr. Akervall; he's attentive, patient, listens to all my complaints/symptoms and seems very thorough.
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The University of Michigan has a Vocal Health Center. Dr. Akervall (listed above) did a fellowship with them.
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Who she should see depends on what the problem is. Here in the UK everyone with a voice problem should go for an ENT assessment (usually a camera up the nose and down the throat) and then be referred on if necessary.

A speech pathologist/speech therapist may be able to help after an ENT examination, but it depends on what the problem is.

The fact that she's had some kind of throat problem before consisting of narrow makes me suspect it could be a respiratory or a structural problem which is better discussed with ENT in the first instance. So at least you know what you're looking for!
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Thank you all. I will look into Dr. Akervall and the Vocal Health center. Those are great starts. My mom was not referred to anyone as far as ENT's are concerned. I don't know why, or who the doctors are that she did see, but they clearly haven't helped the cause.
Thank you again everyone, I really appreciate it.
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