Momma needs a brand new bag
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I adore my Kate Spade black messenger bag, but it's wearing out. What should I get to replace it?

I use my black messenger bag daily, both professionally (I'm female, use it as a purse and computer / work stuff bag) and personally (besides as a purse, I've even used it as an overnight bag before). I like the sharp, simple style of the messenger bag, and the water-resistant nylon.

With thoughts of replacing it, I've realized there are a few features of the bag that are less than ideal: the adjustable strap, while long enough for me to wear across my body, snags on sweaters and causes wear on my clothes in unexpected ways; the flap and back pocket use Velcro for closures, would prefer something quieter (nothing like the rip of Velcro in the middle of a meeting); and there's only one pocket on the inside.

I need a bag to:

- look professional
- be big enough to hold the usual purse contents (wallet, makeup/toiletries bag, sunglasses case) along with ipad, notebook, water bottle, etc.
- long, comfortable straps

What I would prefer:
- cross-body option similar to my current messenger bag
- black, although willing to consider other colors

I'm willing to pay for the right bag, especially if it holds up well under daily stresses.

So MetaFilter hivemind, what kind of bag should I consider as a replacement?
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They are beautifully designed and handmade. I love mine. I abuse it shamefully, and it doesn't seem to mind at all.
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brother company jack spade has a number of messenger bag options with similar styling to your kate spade one.
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I have this Keen bag and absolutely love it. It may be a little smaller than the Kate Spade, but I've fit all the things you mentioned.
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I'm loving my new Cambridge Satchel Company satchel SO MUCH, and it seems like it might fit your requirements. No pockets inside, but very professional looking, long strap, and feels like it will last forever.
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Something from Lo & Sons?
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Honestly, spend some time on eBags. There are 8 billion black professional looking messenger bags, with all of your criteria. They have their own branded bags too, which often have some of the best features from other bags all bundled into one model. Zappos has a ton too. If you're willing to spend a bit, Tumi bags are gorgeous and last eons.
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For example, this eBags messenger bag is awesome, but might be too casual for you. At less than $50 it's a total steal.
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Response by poster: barnone, I have checked eBags, but wanted some ideas that I might have missed otherwise. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions - gives me a place to start.
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