A cure for passing on a virus
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How to detect virus on my blog, put up by my Mac, and appearing on PC of my readers.

I have a blog I have posted for 8 years...Lately, I get notes from readers using PCs that they get virus warning. Mac does not detect or seem troubled by these things but can and does seem to pass them on with no problem for my Mac but causing readers to be stopped from my site by their virus detectors.

Any fix for this problem?
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Sucuri site check and AntiVirus
posted by TheRaven at 11:58 AM on February 2, 2012

Could it be that your site has been hacked and malware placed on your main page?
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Response by poster: I once before had virus report and found the bad post and deleted it. All seems clean for some time till yesterday so that I don't think it is my main page but one of my posts.

I looked at Sucuri (above) and it found lots of malware. Told me to sign up for 89 buckis and they clean my site every 6 hours for a year. Anyone here know and use this site? If so is it ok etc??
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Does your blog have remotely-served ads? Ads are often vectors for malware.
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Response by poster: old guy..do site for fun. NO ads!
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It could simply be that one or more of the sites you link to is blacklisted by whatever AV software your visitors are using. You do have an...eclectic...mix of links, to be sure.
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