Turn a picture into a painting... with some flare?
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I'm looking for a company that will take a plain photo of my dog, and create a painting from it, but add a little flare. I'd like my dog to be in a suit, maybe wearing glasses, in front of a book case. Here's an example: http://i.imgur.com/o8BSE.jpg

I'd like this for my significant other for a valentine's Day gift, so the turn around would have to be somewhat quick if possible :)
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How much do you want to spend on this? Ridiculously enough, I have a friend who does animal portraiture, but I doubt he works cheap... people fly him all over the world to do this sort of thing.
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Have you looked into contacting local college/university art departments? There is also The Commission Project but the turnaround may not be as quick as you desire for this particular gift.
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See if someone who paints in a similar style on Etsy can do it. I think they got rid of their tool (Alchemy) for requesting custom work, but emailing the shop owner works quite well.
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All sorts of pet artists on Etsy. Some of them will likely be willing to add flair.
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If (a) you could do the photo part yourself, and (b) you're not committed to the idea of a painting, I bet you could post a request on reddit. Once you have the digital image, you could get it printed onto canvas to give it a classier look.
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@mykescipark - I'd like to keep it under $40.
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Many years ago my wife commissioned a painting of our cats from Krista Brooks. I was taking flying lessons at the time so the painting shows my cats flying a biplane. It's pretty awesome.

She used photos of our cats as the basis for the painting.

I'm not sure what the turn-around was. This was about ten years ago.
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There are a whole bunch of shops in China that do cheap oil paintings, mostly reproductions of classic artwork. Some of them do have a way for you to send them your own photo and they will turn it into an oil painting, such as this one. I'm not sure if how well they could add flair based on your specs though, normally they do an exact replica of a source image.
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I don't know if this will keep you under $40, but you could probably Photoshop together an image of your dog in a suit, then also in Photoshop use the artistic effects to make it look like an oil painting, then have it printed on canvas. If you're handy with graphic design, I don't think it would be too hard. Otherwise hiring a designer might get more expensive.
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You might try looking on eBay. I recall there being lots of artsts offering custom pet portraits.
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*artists* of course.
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Yeah, for a customized painting of a dog just from a photo done by a professional artist for $40 is going to be tough. I had one done of the house I grew up in and it cost $150 years ago and took at least a month until delivery, maybe longer - and that was because I gave the painter a photo.
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for that budget, you may be better off trying to find a caricaturist to do a sketch of the dog in the pose you want.
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People ask for Photoshop help on Reddit (though usually there is an aspect of humanitarian appeal), so perhaps you can find someone there to do the image work, and then order one of those "canvas prints" from Shutterfly or wherever.
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This is a bit more than your budget and the paintings (although, to my mind, wonderful) aren't quite what you have in mind. But they are paintings of pets, from photographs, with a terrifically quirky bent to them: http://www.nepaldog.com/
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Oh hey, MeFite Lou Stuells does this exact thing on Etsy. It's definitely more than $40, but the results look absolutely stunning. I'm ridiculously excited about the Whippet Good print I'm purchasing for a sweetheart.
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