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How can I create a blog like page with links I tweet? More details inside

I tweet 4-5 times a day with a decent following. Unlike the general sentiment on twitter of 'now' the kind of stuff I blog is a bit more timeless and may be of interest for a longer period. Is there a way I can link my twitter to a service which shows a bit of the text of the links I tweet (like facebook post preview) so I have a kind of a blog.

If there was a way I could download my twitter timeline and backfill this blog that would be bloody marvellous. Isnt it?
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You could use If This Then That to post your tweets to Tumblr, though I don't know if that's "bloggy" enough for you..
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pinboard can do something like this, as can Packrati.us for Delicious and a bunch of other sites. If you need something more custom if this then that would be a good start.

As for back filling the blog, I've no idea
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I came in to suggest pinboard, which is a good company run by a very responsive guy (mefi's own Maciej Ceglowski. Their display aesthetic is very minimalist but they're great about giving you the tools to do whatever you need to with your data -- you pay a small fee for the service, and they work only for you, not for advertisers or data miners, so they have an incentive to help you achieve your goals.
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TweetedLinks does exactly this.
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