San Antonio with Kids
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Taking a day trip to San Antonio with 3 adults, 2 teenagers, 1 tween, and 2 toddlers. Driving from Austin. What are some things we can do as a group? We are looking for things that everyone can enjoy with minimal hassle. We will have strollers for the toddlers.
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Well on your way down you can hit up Natural Bridge Caverns, Wonder World, and the Snake Farm, these are always big hits for us!

Once in SA...the problem is going to be squeezing it all into 1 day, anything specific you're looking for?
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Response by poster: Just looking for something everyone can enjoy. We aren't looking for multiple things to do. More like 1 big thing like Sea World, Museum, etc.
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The iconic thing to do would be to visit the Alamo...but I'm not sure how toddler-friendly it is.
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Then Seaworld should be a good fit. The have a great kids (sesame street) section, fun shows, and a couple of pretty good roller coasters for the big kids. It's still too chilly, but they have a new water park opening up this year called Aquatica that seems very promising.

Pay the extra $5 for the "premium" parking. It's well worth it at the end of the day!
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I don't know when your day trip is - Sea World is closed for the winter until February 4th. But if you're only going to do one thing I'd recommend Sea World or the San Antonio Zoo.
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Yeah, the zoo is great. When we drove down from Austin we decided not to do Seaworld because it's insanely expensive (like, Disneyland expensive) and way off the south side of town, making the drive longer and potentially fraught with terrible congestion.
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Thirding the zoo. I'm not a big zoo fan, but the San Antonio zoo is pretty and not depressing.

Just my druthers, but I'd go for Six Flags rather than Sea World, if theme parks are your thing.

Depending on the date of your visit, there might be something happening at the Pearl Brewery, the Institute of Texan Cultures, or the Magik Theatre.

If you like walking outdoors, you spend a little or a lot of time on the Missions trail.

Avoid the Riverwalk. It's mainly stores and restaurants, often crowded and busy, and not easily navigable with strollers. The boat ride on the museum reach is nice, though.
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The Alamo reminds you that it is a shrine and quiet respect is appreciated. It is actually quite moving. I am not sure kids would get so much out of it - it's not like a reenactment. Great for adults, though. Humbling, and reminds you about the pre-US history of Texas.

Market Square is good fun, though there's not really much to buy. But good for strolling and entertainment, especially at the weekend.

I'm ashamed to suggest that there are mega outlet malls at San Marco - not very interesting, but easy to navigate and "something for everyone".

You could do a barbecue tour and go out to Luling.
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