Best Android audio recorder/sampler?
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I'd been using Voice Recorder to make the occasional field recording. I finally listened to them - and they sound awful. Is something better available?

I've recorded crowd noises, ambient sounds, and acoustic musicians, and it's all unintelligible watery garbage - possibly because this app records to 3gp? I realize that the hardware of my (rooted, CM7) HTC Incredible is limited, but surely it must be capable of better. Is there a program that will record to WAV/FLAC/MP3 with decent quality?
I'm pretty sure the video recorder produces better sound, but I don't really want to be "one of those people" watching a performance through an LCD - I'd just like to have audio mementos.

Don't mind paying a few bucks for quality.

(I have a Tascam Pocketstudio - it's hardly inconspicuous and I don't carry it around with me. I don't expect a phone to deliver the same quality.)
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Best answer: I have Tape Machine Recorder on my HTC Legend. It is a quantum improvement over the standard recording app.
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If you're wanting great quality recording of ambient sounds and live performances, consider purchasing an H2 recorder from Zoom. I have one and it's pretty impressive!
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I had exactly the same issue with Voice Recorder on my trusty (and still functioning) G1. Hertz solved the problem admirably, though you'll have to play the files through 'music'.
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Response by poster: Tape Machine is pretty much what I wanted. Simple to use yet surprisingly powerful - a pocket audio editor, with hapless looping!
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