Currant wine
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I've made some delicious red currant syrup (currants+sugar), but I left it too long in the fridge and it fermented. What can I do with it? Vinegar? Wine?
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I would try to use it in recipes that called for pomegranate molasses as a substitute. Maybe also see how it mixes with vinegar and oil in salad dressing. Sounds yummy, have fun!
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Ugh. My mind skipped the fermented part, sorry. I stand by the salad dressing.
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drink mixer! try it with some gin, vodka, or rum. or, use rye or bourbon for a twist on an old fashioned.
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If it tastes pleasant now, I think you might want to boil it again to stop the fermentation before it goes too far. Fruit-flavored vinegars are nice in salad dressings, but it's not clear whether you have a sweet syrup that's gone a tad sour, or an almost-vinegar, or a primordial soup that threatens to evolve new life forms.
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Serve it over ice cream, with some berries. Yum.
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Response by poster: I have a sweet syrup with a strong scent of glue. I haven't tasted it yet, so I can't tell if it's good, but the syrup was awesome.
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Glue smell? That's kind of hard to figure out, but maybe alcohol or acetone says "glue" to your nose. I suggest boiling it to kill whatever's living in there, then taste it and see if you like what you've got. Controlling fermentation to give a specific result is trickier than it sounds, and a sugar syrup is probably not going to turn into a proper wine or vinegar (too much food results in a microbe bacchanal, not just yeast doing its tasty thing).

If you have a sweet-and-sour syrup, you might use it in some desserts in place of orange juice or other sweet-and-sour liquid. If it's sour but retains a nice currant flavor you could try it in some main dishes that combine meat and fruit, like ham with pineapple or something. Such dishes usually taste too sweet and dessert-like if there isn't a little sourness to counter the sugary fruit. If it's just nasty, well, you know what to do.
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