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I need ideas and links for an eye-catching wall-mounted donation box.

I'm working with a nonprofit conservation group (related to fish and water, if it ends up mattering here) trying to branch out with local business partners to obtain public donations. Our idea involves hanging in supporting businesses a locking, wall-mounted donation box that we would check every 1-2 weeks.

We'll probably want 50-75 boxes and are investigating our options. Having it made by a local craftsperson is a lovely idea, but probably cost prohibitive to have that many made. However, if you have an easily replicable design to share, by all means...

So I'd like your ideas, links, pics for such a box. It can be a donation box, a key drop, a mailbox, a suggestion box, you name it, but it needs to:

-be securely wall mountable;
-be easy to clean;
-lock, and be easily opened week after week;
-have a drop slot big enough for cash and change, but not so big that people can shove junk into it;
-be big enough to be noticeable, but not so big as to irritate the proprietor, certainly no more than say 10hx10wx6d;
-display an eye-catching sign, probably something we print in color and slide into a holder;
-have the ability, probably on the side, to hold a limited number of brochures; and
-possibly near the drop slot, have a spot for a stack of free logo stickers, about 3x5 in size.

I found a couple of interesting designs here and here.
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If it's related to fish and water, could you modify a creel?
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Wall mounted donation boxes don't attract very much attention because they tend to be away from an area where business is done. I suggest you check out something like this collection container that can be sealed with a sticker and then chained to a sales desk for pickup. They are much more effective. A charity that I have been watching has raised over $5,000 in the last month from having three containers at one small bar in outer London.
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Response by poster: I ended up doing a Google Image search and collecting a range of designs, and then designing my own and putting it out for a quote. Sadly, we could not afford the $60 box made by a somewhat local business (that was unable to exactly meet our specs) and shopped it out through Alibaba instead. Went with custom-made to our exact specs at far less than half the price delivered...from a big giant country across the Pacific. Not what we would have preferred, but...
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