Youtube transcription?
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How do I get a transcription of a copyrighted (not by me) fifteen minute youtube video, for my own personal use?

It's a single person talking fairly slowly, with no background noise. Ideally, I'd give someone the link, make a secure credit card transaction, and I'd have the transcript emailed to me in say 48 hours.

I know there are plenty of transcription companies online, but does anyone have recommendations from personal experience, especially regarding the copyright issue?

(If I have to provide an audio file instead of a link, what's the best way to get audio from youtube? I'm on a mac.)
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This sounds like a job for Mechanical Turk (I have no idea how hard it is to set up an account as a worker.)
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Best answer: This'll cost you $5 on Just search for "transcription".
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Response by poster: Still totally curious about other options.
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This sounds like a job for Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk is generally better for many small tasks than for one big task.
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I'm a transcriber and I take PayPal but it would cost more than $5 because I'm in the UK and need to earn a living wage. I don't see a copyright issue if it's for your own personal use. I would expect you to state that in an email to me, and I would destroy my copy of the text as soon as it was sent to you and you had confirmed it had arrived.

I think that's how the copyright issue would work, anyway - that's my understanding of it, but I will check back later in case of any other comments, as it would be interesting to know.
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Couldn't you just do it yourself? You press play, person says a thing, you hit pause and write down what they said. Repeat until finished. Might take as much as an hour if you're a particularly slow writer.
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Response by poster: Sorry to threadsit. Generally speaking, I'm happy to pay more than $5 for a quality job that I don't have to fiddle with. And, yeah, I don't even have an hour. Crazy busy. My time is definitely worth more than my money for this.
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