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What do I need to know to buy all-new wheels for my 2006 Scion xB?

So it's become time to replace a wheel on my car, and I've decided to replace ALL the wheels on my car, along with all new tires. I know that my current wheel size is 15" (stock). What else should I know when shopping for new wheels - are there any surprises that wouldn't spring to mind normally? Specific wheel sizes I need, or what sizes are available to me, or if certain sizes have unexpected pitfalls of their own? Extra parts or hub assemblies or something that I'll also have to get, etc etc? I know well enough about cross-checking prices, getting thorough reviews of the various tires that can come packaged with the sets, etc. I'm currently browsing mostly through wheelsnext.com, altho their packaged tires seem a bit underwhelming.
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Try tirerack.com, you can search for wheels for your specific car and see what they look like on the car.
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2nd tirerack, there are a million different wheel sizes when you start to include offsets.
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You need to know bolt patterns, offsets and recommended sizes. tirerack should be able to get you that information (at least in the product details of what it shows you).

If you want more information a Scion enthusiast Internet forum probably has a dedicated sub-forum to nothing but wheels and tires with a big stickied FAQ at the top of the sub-forum with all first timer questions.
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I replaced both the wheels and tires on my 2006 Acura through Tirerack.com and was completely pleased. I didn't get a package deal but picked out my own combination. They shipped them to a local affiliate mechanic already mounted (and with appropriate TPMS sensors installed, if that is applicable to you), and the mechanic put them on my car for something like $25.00 for all 4. I would definitely go that route again, although finding a local knowledgeable dealer is reasonable. As ijoyner says there are a number of variables beyond the diameter of the wheels that enter into play and going outside what the car was designed for can adversely affect handling and ride.
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