The forces of chaos meet my place of employment.
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Can you recommend some browser-based, turn-based tactical games? Basically, I want to play tabeltop Warhammer while I'm at work.

Or if you have some recommendations for some games that run on Mac for me to play at home, I'll take those too.
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If Mac includes iOS, Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land came out this week. It's fun, but somewhat buggy*, and chews battery life.

* An update is apparently on its way.
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Response by poster: Looks cool zamboni, no device running iOS though. Just a regular old macbook or an imac running umm . . . some relatively recent version of the mac operating system?
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For MacOS, I like the table-top-game feel of 'Rome: Total War'... but it can be a bit buggy and crashy.

For browser-based, turn-based tactical games, I've recently been sucked in to Rebuild 2 - though that's zombies, not chaos.
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Best answer: This is not browser based, so feel free to flag it, but Battle for Wesnoth is free turn based fantasy strategy. For windows, Mac and Linux!

And online multiplayer! I kick pompomtom's arse all the time.
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OK, so we haven't played in a year...
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