Meeting people in Hong Kong outside of LKF!
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Attention previous and current Hong Kong expats: How did you go about meeting new friends in Hong Kong?

It looks like I'm going to be in Hong Kong for the long haul. I've had some luck in making friends through my academic program, but am interested in branching out and meeting new people either HK locals or other HK expats who are interested in the same thing.

There has to be a place outside of the meat market that is Lan Kwai Fong for people who are trying to make new friends / find potential romantic partners here in the city. Is there anyone with any previous experience with any advice that is specific to Hong Kong?
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I don't know whether you'd think it's a good place to make new friends, but I found the highest concentration of expats swilling beer track-side at Happy Valley Racecourse.
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Try the forums on GeoExpat.
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The first group of friends I made in HK was through GeoExpat, as xtine suggests. Just join in on topics that interest you. Sooner or later, someone organizes a junk -- and it's all downhill from there. Some other suggestions:
  • Are you into poker? There's a few regular games, notably a fun weekly low-stakes in Wan Chai.
  • How about live music? There's a large and very welcoming expat presence around the Underground and Bauhinian Collective scenes.
  • And there's the hiking/ outdoorsy meetups, which some of my friends swear by.
  • If you like Internets of any stripe, Web Wednesday social mixers area great way to meet Internet People.
Good luck!
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Thanks guys, those are some good leads!
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