What the heck is this mark on my nose?
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What the heck is this red (almost certainly inconsequential) mark on my nose?

I have had a red, very obvious, dot on my nose for at least the last right years. It looks like a small tiny pinprick of deep red surrounded by a lighter circle. I can also "feel" it as a very very small but apparent raised bump I am pretty dang sure I did not have this when I was a kid and that it may have actually intensified in appearance sometime during my high school days.

Should I see a dermatologist? Can anything be done to remove this? Or is this something that nothing can be really done about?
I've lived with it for so long that I've gotten used to it, but I am always wondering if there's anything I can do about it.

Pics included (warning if you are grossed out by human noses)!
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Perhaps something caused by antibiotics?
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I dunno, but I have a similar little thing for at least the past two years. Mine's slightly smaller and less of a bump. It's almost like a zit that just never really got around to forming or going away. I have another one up by my eye too but it's totally flat.

Growing up I had normal acne but never bad. Haven't had a breakout in a decade probably.

I'd talk to a doctor if it bugs you, but I just wanted to let you know that you weren't alone!
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It's not quite red enough for a Campbell de Morgan spot - but does it have a blood supply (I know, ack - I have one of these bumps too and it sometimes bleeds when I rub too hard)? In other sad news of things that grow on your face uninvited, I also grew a "white mole" at one point. When I asked about removing either of these, I was told that the scars would be worse than the marks. But now there are various laser therapies. Just ask your doctor on your next visit.
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Yeah, I'd go to a derm just to have it checked out. I have a spot on my cheek where I've had an underground pimple for, oh, 2 years now, and I wish I had gotten it checked out sooner because it finally started disappearing and it's left a horrible, horrible little scar.
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Spider angioma?
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Cherry angioma?
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I am pretty positive it has a blood supply. If I were to try to pop it like a pimple, the surrounding redness goes away and only a tiny pinprick of deep redness remains. Kinda strange.

Although it doesn't really have a clear distribution of branches, I am really starting to be convinced that it might be spider angioma! A few pictures found online seem pretty similar.
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I was coming to say spider angioma as well. They don't usually require testing or treatment. I used to have one of those in the same place and finally, after like 10 years, it was just gone one day. /anecdote. IANYD.
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I had one on the end of my nose and a trip to the dermatologist and a few seconds with a laser took care of it. Let me tell you though, the hit of a laser on your nose hurts a bit, but it's over quickly. No scabbing or anything, if I recall, just gone.
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