Help me find this amazing Korean TV show!
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A while ago, someone posted a description of this show in a MeFi thread. According to the poster, this was a Korean show "all about people who did mundane things very, very well". Can anyone tell me the name of this show and tell me how to find it?
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You might check this list. I have no idea what any of them are, but my hope is that it is "Dissatisfaction Zero".
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I have no idea what the show is called, but it reminds me of this famous youtube clip, so you might be interested in it. It might even come from the show you're looking for.
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You might be thinking of "Life Master" (생활의 달인/Saenghwal ae dalin). The show usually went about looking for the "masters" in life. Could be anything from someone working in needle factory who could bundle needles together in one go, better than any of her coworkers, or a guy in a styrofoam sheet factory that could stack them really, really high.

Try doing a Youtube search with the hangul, and you'll get some results, like the young tonkatsu master or the master newspaper delivery person.

Unfortunately I'm not sure if you can find English subs for these shows. The market for fansubs of Korean shows skews heavily towards kpop fans who mostly watch music or variety shows and dramas.
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kkokkodalk got it. That tonkatsu one is pretty dull; the guy apparently just makes a really good plate of tonkatsu. The newspaper guy one, however, is pretty awesome.
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Heh, that was me, and kkokkodalk is totally right. I specifically remember this episode about noodle slingers (no, literally).

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Similar to the newspaper and noodle slingers is this (not-korean) chapati thrower. Youtube has a bunch of related videos of awesome indian food service skills.
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