I'm looking for recommendations for a post-wedding celebration lunch spot near Civic Center in SF.
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Can you recommend a great place for lunch after a courthouse wedding in San Francisco?

-Walking distance or easy public transit commute from the courthouse
-Takes reservations and can accomodate a party of 6
-on the fancier side
-Champagne! Or at least a bar.
-great food

Price isn't an issue.

Any suggestions? Yelp is directing me to lots of sandwich places. Thanks!

(Anonymous because there will be a big wedding down the line, so we're keeping the courthouse one need-to-know)
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Jardiniere or Absinthe.
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With links: Jardiniere. Absinthe.

We went to Citizen Cake after our weddings. It's no longer there, but is the Boxing Room. I would suggest using Open Table rather than Yelp to narrow down your choices.

And congratulations!
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I think Absinthe would be way more fun, Jardinere is great but stuffy and more suited to pre-opera old folks. I'd do the former for a day wedding and the latter for an evening wedding. Depending on the crowd I'd then head to Smuggler's Cove aftward, either way. :)

Zuni Cafe is another choice. I'd skip Boxing Room for this: good service but the food isn't there yet, especially for the cost.
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I was going to say Zuni but looks like kcm beat me. So, seconding Zuni Cafe.
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We went to Absinthe after our City Hall wedding, also for lunch, and it was lovely.
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I got married at City Hall. We gave Muni tokens to our guests and they all hopped on the N-Judah with us to go to South, which is now Marlowe. They did a bang-up job. Ask for Anna.
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We went to the Rotunda at Neiman-Marcus after a friend's city hall wedding, also for lunch. The space is gorgeous and lent a very celebratory atmosphere! We had champagne and some delicious food. It might not be as hip as you'd like, but we took some lovely photos (with beautiful lighting) and it was certainly very memorable.

If you're like me, you're thinking lunch? At a department store? But take a look around and you'll see that it's very fancy and has good reviews.
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