Suggestion for information designers to train?
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Any recommendations for information designers or visualizers to do trainings for the large research company for which I work?

I work for a pretty large market research company doing qualitative analysis. We have a number of qualitative researchers who conduct focus groups and lead interviews, then present their findings in PowerPoint reports. The content of these reports is good, but we are looking to make major improvements to the design and visual layout. To that end, we're undertaking a few initiatives to increase the overall visual quality of our reports. For one of these initiatives, I've been tasked with finding a presentation/information designer or visual/design thinking expert to come in and lead a couple of short training sessions for our researchers and analysts.

This is a qualitative group, and as such, we’re not interested in translating numeric data into visuals, but rather illustrating and presenting flows of text-based content and accompanying images. We need a training session that would focus on overall visual thinking, working with visual models, and how to come up with visual models to help with the flow of such content. We’re not just looking for someone to present a bunch of examples of good design – we’re looking for a trainer who could give our staff the tools and means to do this themselves, helping people who don’t consider themselves visual people to be more visual in their reports. Any ideas?

We're located on the east coast of the US, if that makes a difference.

Also, a number of our present researchers might be slightly resistant to the idea of changing their method of work, so we're looking for a trainer(s) who knows how to teach even those folks who insist that they're "not visual."

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These two are probably not quite what you're looking for, but they're very good and might recommend someone.

Edward Tufte is more about data, and probably expensive and the most-respected of those who do what he does. But he also has some stuff at a more basic, less numeric, more everyday level.

I don't know whether Steven Wright gives training. But his work is probably closer to what you're looking for your people to produce. Here's an example.
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