Looking for free vintage film score music.
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Looking for some help in locating music. Friends of mine have created a short film for a contest and are looking for some royalty-free film music to complement the piece. Does anyone know of an extensive library of downloadable royalty-free soundtrack work from perhaps the 40s, 50s and 60s? We only have ten short days to complete the film, that is why we are seeking pre-recorded existing music. A lot of those music sites charge absurd rates for royalty-free tracks. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
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Have you checked the selection at iStockphoto.com? I'd start there.
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Vimeo Music Store is one place you can look.
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see also this forum post.
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Funny you should mention this - my mother was just telling me about Pond 5 last night. She uses royalty-free music in her work and found this site to be useful.
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archive.org is often good for this sort of thing.
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opsound.org (the open-source music project)
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The problem with grabbing public domain recordings from archive.org is that sync rights (the right to synchronize a moving image with music) are tied to the composer/songwriter's copyright, and not the recording's. So while a given recording can be in the public domain, unless the underlying song's copyright is also public domain, you can find yourself in Nina Paley's shoes, when she made Sita Sings the Blues using public domain Annette Hanshaw recordings and then found she needed to pay thousands of dollars to distribute her film, because a number of the songwriter copyrights were still held by the big media companies.
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Magnatune has a bunch of royalty free music with reasonable license fees.
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http://www.audionetwork.com/ is an amazing resource for this. They have a library of amazing score music, created just for them. The best part is that under a "student" license (which includes things like film festivals) you can pay only a few dollars and be totally on the up-and-up.
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