I need to write to make money, and I need money to fix my computer so I can write...
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Broken laptop hinge in NYC. Where can I get this repaired without paying one hundred million dollars?

My Lenovo laptop is six years old, and I'm amazed it still functions.

Recently, I had it in a backpack and leaned back on it, and heard a little pop. When I opened it later, a small bracket and screw just sort of... fell out. (I have saved these.) Now, when I attempt to move the screen up or down, the bit of the hinge that sits inside the screen stays put, forcing the plastic halves of the screen's casing apart. The computer is still perfectly functional aside from this- display still works, no bluescreening, etc.

I have jimmied it shut with a spoon for now, but I'd like to get it fixed asap. It doesn't need to be pretty, but it DOES absolutely need to cost less than $50, because I am so so very broke right now.

Is there a place in NYC where this is possible? I live in Cobble Hill but will travel wherever to get this dealt with.
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Do you have a handy friend? This sounds like something that could be fixed for the price of a tube of superglue or epoxy.
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Alas, no- and I suspect that the screen's casing will need to be removed in order to fix this, so I don't want to hand it over to my 'generally handy but not particularly computer-knowledgeable' friends.
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I've used Computer Overhauls for iphone repair, and a friend used them for laptop repair. I remember the price being reasonable, but I don't remember specifics; they did the work same day also. See if you can get a quote over the phone, or if not, they're right off the 2/3 at Penn, so it should be easy to pop in.
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I've had good experiences with New York Computer Help. I'm doubtful about your being able to get it fixedfor under $50 though.
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Go to fixers collective-

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If you post a picture or two of the damage, I am pretty sure that someone here can walk you through fixing it. (Hell, if I end up having some time this week I myself could likely fix it for you.)
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I'd need to take a picture and then bring my camera to work, I guess- can't do it today.

It looks like Computer Overhauls will give you a free quote, so if no one on my Facebook friends list chimes in with unexpected computer know-how, I might try them.
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Welp, Computer Overhauls told me "we can order the part and fix the main issue for $100, and you'll have a seven-year-old sort-of-fixed computer... or we can sell you a refurbished, newer computer with better specs for $125."

So, if you're in NYC and need a $125 computer, check out Computer Overhauls. The new guy's working just fine so far.
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