Daily (historical)mutual fund prices
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Where can I find daily (historical) mutual fund prices?
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Yahoo Financial is pretty easy to use, e.g. VPACX.
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Seconding Yahoo. But I want to point out that there's a "download to spreadsheet" link at the bottom to get the page as a .csv. There's also a perl module, Finance::Quote, for scripted downloads.
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This is probably silly in this day and age but: newspapers at the library.
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If it's an exchange traded fund, almost any website that will give you a quote on stock symbols will give you a quote on ETFs. They've mostly got historical graphs, and you can figure out pretty quickly what's going on.
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Click on "Historical quotes" link in the navigation bar -- you can choose a ticker symbol and a date. Alternately you can use the historical chart function. (I remember reading somewhere that there's an option to include dividends in the growth chart but can't remember how to do this.)
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The website of the fund manager.
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