Best Home Water Filter System?
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What is the best, easiest and most effective home water filtering system that doesn't slow waterflow down to a crawl?

I dont mind a water filtering system being attached to the tap, but so many of them seem to have one of the following problems:

1) It slows waterflow down to a crawl so it takes 5 mintes to fill a pitcher
2) The attachment is big and cumbersome
3) It's something that sits on your counter that is super ugly

I can put something under my sink. What works best for you?
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I have a 3M Filtrete under sink filter -- unfortunately, I'm not sure at the moment which model. There has been no water flow loss at all with it, and it does an excellent job of removing the awful chlorine taste which I am very sensitive to in Seattle's drinking water.

I was just looking at some of the Filtrete reviews on Amazon, and I see that a few people have reported that the water flow dropped for them. But that didn't happen here and I'm not sure why some people would get that result.

Anyway, it is under the sink, and really, the only annoyance is that the filter is slightly in the way of the weight for the pull-out faucet, so when I pull out the faucet head, there is a bit of resistance and then it goes "clunk." No big deal.
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Best answer: I have PUR delta faucet setup. It is housed in the underskink cabinet and uses the standard PUR filters. It only slows down when you are at the end of your filter. It was highly economical and aesthetically pleasing for my kitchen remodel. It is a separate faucet and does not impact my main faucet at all.
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I also have an under-sink filter to get rid of Seattle's chlorine, and it's great. The cold water comes in, goes through the filter, then goes up to the tap. I can't tell it's there, other than that the water tastes better. Highly recommended.

It's in an awkward place for me to look for model numbers or what have you, but I can tell you it uses Aqua-Pure AP117 water filters -- I believe they're the same as Brita filters. Mine was installed by a plumber when I was having some other work done, but it doesn't look like it would be difficult to do oneself.
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I bought a watts premier triple stage RO filter which has a 3 gallon reservoir tank from Costco about 4 years ago. The tank is great for avoiding slow flow and the water is delicious.
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