How can I purchase a Vodafone UK top up outside of the UK?
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Are there any legitimate websites that will allow me to purchase a vodafone UK top-up voucher online using either paypal or a non-UK based credit card?
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I don't know but I found this:

If you try, let us know if it works, I have no idea if it does.
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Response by poster: Hmm... the sheer number of spelling errors on that webpage concerns me. Anyone here used it?
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I'm sorry - I hate to give an answer I am not sure of (unless it's an opinion type answer). That site does not look very solid, which is not to say it is bogus, I just don't know.

How about this, Vodaphone Ireland, might be able to take a non-UK credit card:

Again, I am not sure even this will work.
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This is a potential solution to the problem rather than an answer to your question, but I would advise getting a prepaid debit card and using that. I don't see any websites that let you use foreign cards. Alternatively, is there someone you trust with a UK card who will top it up for you?
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Response by poster: No luck with the vodafone ireland option -- while apparently if I purchased top-up vouchers from a shop in Ireland I could use them on my UK phone, the Vodafone Ireland website rejects my UK number when attempting to top-up online.
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At first you said it was a non-UK credit card(?)

Next thought, call your credit card company and see if you can get a temporary debit card number at a specific amount, good in UK for an online purchase in UK, and use the regular UK site.
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I read it as the card being non-UK, but trying to top-up a UK phone, and this number failing online.

Anyway - process payments by paypal for a £2.75 fee. Never used 'em, but at that rate they can afford to be legit, or at least provide the service they claim to. Good luck.
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Best answer: Did you get this sorted out? If not, feel free to memail me and we can organise you sending me paypal cash and me getting you a vodafone voucher next time I'm at the shop.
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two options.

doesn't specifically say that it needs a UK credit/debit card. Looks legitimate. Also accepts MoneyBookers and direct bank transfer which may not be fast but should work.

2. Try searching . You may find someone selling a topup.
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Response by poster: Thanks Seanyboy.

I don't know why Vodafone makes this so difficult -- if they simply accepted international credit cards through their online service, they could capture a huge amount of regular travellers to the UK.
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