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Are there silicone nose pads that don't fall off plastic frames every two weeks?

I recently got a pair of plastic eyeglasses frames which have a tendency to slip down my nose. The optometrist gave me a pair of silicone nose pads which work amazingly well! With them on, these frames become the best I've ever had. Unfortunately, after about 2 weeks, the adhesive wears off and the pads come off the frame. Is there an alternative I can use? I think the stuff my optometrist gives me are the same as these.

Can anyone recommend something better or a better adhesive I can use? I've seen suggestions for adhesives that bond silicone to plastic, but since these sit about an inch away from my eyes, I want to make sure I'm not using something toxic.
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Try some sugru and make your own permanent pads. It's really amazing and comes in lots of colors.
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Second giving Sugrua try. Silicone is notoriously non-stick. Sugru is the only thing I've ever used that actually sticks to stuff. I've had it stuck to well used things for years.
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I have the same problem and had never heard of sugru. Thank you! Order is in.
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Thanks for the suggestion! I dig a little digging online and one guy said he had a pretty nasty allergic reaction to it. So I plan on using the nose pads with a bit of sugru in between so I don't have direct skin contact. Ordered and will report back when I find out.
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Did you clean the area that the silicone pads stick to? Maybe there was some skin oil that reduced the adhesion...
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^ Yeah, that's what I thought too. The second time I did it, I cleaned the area with soap and water like the instructions said. Then I used tweezers to put the pads on to ensure I didn't get any oils on the adhesive. But judging from the Amazon reviews, the glue is just not that great.
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Just a quick update in case anyone ever finds this later on. I tried the sugru and it worked for about 3 weeks before falling off. Still, I've found that sugru is pretty neat, so thanks for the tip! As for the glasses, it turns out you can get nose-pad arms attached to plastic frames after market! In Canada I was told to contact McCray's optical for a list of stores that have bought their kit. I've heard prices range from 15 to 50 bucks depending on who you ask. I got mine done for $15 and they've been great! This has opened up a whole world of plastic frames that I've previously wanted to try but couldn't. Hope this helps!
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