Why do the backs of my legs tingle when I'm afraid?
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Why do the backs of my legs tingle when I'm scared?

I've noticed that when I am either at great heights, or looking at a picture of great heights, I get a furious tingling/contraction in my hamstrings and the backs of my hips. Why? What possible connection is there between fear and the backs of my legs? It's not sometimes, it's every time.
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I get tingly and covered in goose bumps when I'm stimulated in various ways (tickled, frightened, anxious, excited, even confused.) And some people get actual muscle weakness from emotional stimuli (as I found out when being assessed for possible narcolepsy just last week!) Your brain is part of your nervous system, and nerves are everywhere. See, also, fight-or-flight.
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I'm wondering if it's hamstrings because you do/don't want to jump. You'd tense them to prepare.
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I get this in the backs of my knees when I see/hear about people getting injured... hadn't considered it as a fight or flight response until just now.
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Best answer: I also get a tingling in the backs of my legs whenever I think about people getting injured, especially when it has to do with falling from heights or some other injury to the legs.

I'm no neuroscientist (but I have studied neuroscience on an undergrad level). If I had to make a guess I'd say it's to do with your mirror neurons which are part of empathy - they're located in the motor part of the brain & when you see someone doing something, you imagine yourself doing it & imagine how you would feel doing it. The other half has to do with the sciatic nerve that has to do with sensation & motor control in your legs.

You're basically imagining it happening to you & sending a signal to your legs to prep for something like that, which in turn causes the tingling sensation you'd feel if something like that happened to you. A sort of feedback loop caused my largely imaginary stimuli.

FWIW I hate that feeling, especially in winter when it's cold & your jeans are rubbing against your leg hairs as you walk & you didn't notice until that moment.
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Years ago, I saw a blind guy walk to the edge of an office building loading dock and almost fall into a trash compactor. When I got him back into the lobby of the building, he described a similar sensation that stopped him before the last step. Subconscious sonar?
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Data point that may interest you: This used to happen to me when my sister would make me look at her appendix scar. When I got my own considerably nastier-looking appendix scar, it stopped.
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I get the furious tingling in my butt when I'm near heights. I refer to them as "ass tingles" and they only happen with heights-related things. My friends all think it's hilarious and until today I thought I was alone.
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Ass tingles! Yes, me too! I first noticed it in the fourth grade when the teacher said 'hand in your homework' and I realized that I'd forgotten to do it the night before. It happens now in any kind of sudden-anxiety moment. Glad I'm not the only one.
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I would guess its part of a fight-or-flight response. Your legs are getting ready to run like they never have before.
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