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Help me help my dad find a job in ATL.

My dad, mid fifties, had an extensive career as a tire sales manager. He bounced around a few times between businesses, but was by and large successful at what he did. But then he got a back injury that prevented him from lifting tires (which he had to do in his last job) and has been out of work for almost 8 months now. He claims he can't even find a job bagging groceries now. I'm not 100% certain what he means by that, but I think he probably needs a new resume and some interview skills. What can I do to help him short of helping him revise his resume? What resources are available in the Atlanta area that might help him find a job in his field? How bad is the job market really there? I don't think he's tried the unemployment office yet, which is the obvious answer, but beyond that what else is there?
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I'm in the ATL area.... Just from the results of my nieces and nephews and friends.....I think the's bad.....College degrees can't get a second look. Not sure what to tell you but I would totally agree with revising his resume.....I'm smack in the middle.......the suburbs of ATL are huge, maybe he'd have luck there? Good luck Dad!!!
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I know exactly what he means, I feel the same way. I can tell you that he's probably facing some serious age discrimination. Make sure his resume doesn't go back further than 10-15 years, and leave off anything that would give his age, like the year he received a degree, for instance.
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Your dad should check out Workforce Solutions!

They should be able to help him with everything he needs to get back into the workforce, even taking into account the new limitations required by his injury. He might even qualify for new training in a job he'd like more than the old one.

He can also network at the Senior Center in his area. They may also be able connect him with other resources, like AARP volunteering opportunities (some of which are paid).

Good luck to your dad!
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The job market in Atlanta is abysmal, or at least the one I'm in. While not sales, I'm Microsoft certified, and have sent out over 200 resumes in the past 6 months. Two responses, zero jobs. My recommendation is to try placement agencies, and try other markets - I've expanded my search to all bordering states, at this point.
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Posted too fast - meant to say, "While not in sales, I'm in IT, Microsoft certified ...."
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It may also be worth doing physical therapy for the injury, if he hasn't already.
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