What's like Clapham but cheaper?
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Where should we buy in London? Short version: We're currently renting in Clapham (which we both really like). I work by Shepherd's Bush, he works by Tower Bridge. Minimum 2 bedroom with a budget of let's say £350k. Long version inside.

We've been living in Clapham (near Clapham North) for a little over a year and would love to stay but it seems it will be out of budget for us to buy.

- We don't have a car (but we have a zipcar membership) so easy access to public transportion connections is a must.
- We really enjoy the fact that we are just 7 mins walk from Clapham High Street with access to lots of restaurants and pubs, along with a small market on Saturdays, and a small chain movie cinema. Basically, walkable places to things to do with some variety.
- Niether of us subscribe to the "north/south divide" but it is nice to be relatively close to Waterloo/Clapham Junction as we travel out of London frequently to Surrey to visit family and friends and we already have friends in the Clapham area.
- I like that there are green spaces nearby.
- Each of our commute is about 45 mins each way. A bus and overground for me, a train for him. This has been totally acceptable thus far.
- Flat or house, doesn't really matter. New or old also doesn't really matter, but I personally dislike the look of anything that looks "council-house-estate-ish".
- Schools may need to be a consideration in the next few years.

Is this list so specific to Clapham that we should just concentrate in this area or are there other places you would recommend we loop into our search?
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I lived in an ex-council flat in Battersea - your objections noted, but worth a sniff as they had dedicated parking, were well built and much cheaper than everything else. 2 bedrooms cost £250k. There are some nicer Victorian stock houses where you would be able to find a flat more like what you were looking for.

I was a 10 minute walk from the King's Rd (where there is also a nice independent cinema), and a stone's throw from some nice restaurants and Battersea Park. Clapham Junction was an easy 10 minutes on the bus. Clapham High St is about 20 mins on the bus.

Your SO can, should he choose, get the 49 bus direct to Shepherds Bush. Failing that, it would be a case of getting the bus up to South Ken or Sloane Square and getting on the circle line before changing at Notting Hill Gate. For you, it would be a a short bus ride and then straight east on the district/circle lines.

Now, I live a 15 minute walk from Clapham High St on a street off Kings Avenue where a 2 bed flat costs about £350k. This area is called Clapham Park. I can get to Clapham or Brixton easily, and while I don't have green spaces right on the door, Clapham Common, Brockwell Park and Tooting Common are all within easy reach. Clapham Junction can be a pain to get to - it would be just like your commute now, but with an additional 15 mins on top. There is a big school on Kings Avenue and various others. I've no idea of their quality but while I don't think any of them are bad, I don't think they set the world on fire either.
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