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Stylists and hair-owners of AskMe, please recommend your best performing and best scented pomade.

My new 'do (very similar to this) requires a little pomade for perfect styling, and I'd like suggestions. What's your favorite brand?

My hair is on the high-maintenance side; it slicks up pretty quickly because it's very fine, and if I want it to look good all day I have to wash it on a daily basis. My stylist told me to pick up a pomade with a matte finish, avoiding the shiny ones. I do not color my hair at all, if that matters. It's several deep shades of red, and it shines out pretty well on its own when light hits it.

I am looking for a scented product. I don't typically wear scents, so it won't be competing with anything else. I just like my hair to smell really super great.
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When I had short hair my stylist recommended I use TIGI Bed Head Manipulator. It's got a matte finish and a kind of, I guess, coconut-fruity scent? I like the scent - there's no chemical tinge to it.

I didn't need a lot, just a bit to define some pieces and bring out the texture. I have very fine hair so I'm leery of putting too much product in it, but I didn't have any problems with this stuff.
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Best answer: I love Aveda Control Paste. The key is to use a very, very, VERY small amount (like maybe the size of a pencil eraser), put it in your hand and rub your hands together really really vigorously so it's totally emulsified and all over your hands. If you use too much or don't emulsify enough you'll weigh down your hair.
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It's a hairspray, not a pomade, but Spritz Forte was my go-to styling subsitute for mousse or gel back when I used to need some "lift" in my 'do. I'd spray a small amoun in one hand, rub both hands together and then massage through my hair before blow-drying. And the fragrance was very soothing/pleasing - when wearing no other fragrance but just having used Spritz Forte in my hair I was asked many times by others "that's so pretty, what perfume is that?"
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Kevin Murphy Rough Rider. Matte. Clean citrus scent. Thickens, holds, doesn't grease up. Hard to find, but easy to order.
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It's not exactly scented, but Sebastian's Molding Mud does wonders for my hair (thick, but thin and it is wavy/curly). Rub a little bit between the palms of your hands to emulsify it then apply it to damp, or dry hair. It's reworkable, not greasy and won't weigh your hair down.
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If you can find it, Pureology Texture Twist is wonderful on fine hair (described as a water-based pomade) and the fragrance comes from natural oils!
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Response by poster: I walked over to the Aveda Institute in my neighborhood on Monday, and I picked up some Control Paste. It's exactly what I was hoping for!

On Tuesday I styled it in the morning, then later in the afternoon walked three windy, gusty miles that immediately straightened and limpified my hair. A while after I got home I tweaked it just a little, round-brush blow-drying without adding more product, and it all re-lifted and looked fantastic! Shocking. I never expected that.

I still plan to check out other stuff along the way, but for now I'm quite happy and love the scent. Thanks for the recommendations!
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