Where can I go to see coins being made?
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Some guy told me that the Philadelphia Mint is undergoing renovations and repairs, and thus not doing any tours for the public. But that the Denver mint is open, and doing tours for the public. Can anyone confirm that the Denver Mint is open for tours, and the Philadelphia Mint is not?

And, does anyone know of any other tourist-type locations where I can go to see coins being made? England, Germany?
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Yes, according to the Mint's official website, the Philadelphia mint is closed until this summer - but Denver is open:
US Mint Tours

You can also tour the Canadian mint in Ottawa and Winnipeg:
Canadian Mint Tours
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The Ottawa mint has a very nice tour, or it did several years ago.
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I went to see the Ottawa mint years and years ago and remember it being quite a nice tour, though I was young enough I can't remember any of it now.
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The Denver Mint is open, but it's not easy to catch a tour when they're actually minting any coins.. Everyone I know who has been on the tour (including myself) has had the same experience.. you see the machinery, but not in operation. There may be better times of the year than others to go. Even with all the machine shut off, it was still an interesting tour.
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