Frameless LP jacket wall hanging?
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I want to hang some LP covers on a wall, and remember years ago seeing a cheap little kit that was something like four pieces of clear plastic for the corners, connected by an elastic string X-shape in the back that could hang on a nail. The result was a neat frameless effect that I liked, but I can't find it again. Does anyone know what that kit was and where I can buy it?

I've seen this thread but none of the options there are what I'm remembering. I don't want a record rail like this, where all the covers are on the same horizontal line; I'd like each one hung separately, but not have a frame. The default is to use inobtrusive nails and set the LPs on them, but I really like what I remember of those clear plastic corner things and am hoping they're still around.
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Best answer: uniframe/eubank sells a product called "uniframe" that does this and comes in both plastic and metal versions. moore makes "gallery corner clips", which you could use for this effect (but they are metal, not plastic). places that sell ready-made frames and/or art supplies may have these.

(disclaimer: i own an art supplies store that sells these.)
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Response by poster: Yes! The Uni-Frame 20 is exactly it. The second pic under 'more views' shows how it looks on each corner (I misremembered right-angle plastic pieces instead of the more elegant solution they use, and elastic instead of simple string).

Thanks so much, jimw.
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Response by poster: p.s. Do you ship to Raleigh? :)
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I just hung some LP covers using a different method that looks pretty cool involving a thin strip of steel and magnet clips. If you memail me your email address, I am happy to send you pictures.
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