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Yahoo-Pipes-filter, or there's-gotta-be-a-way filter: help me figure out a way to automatically post new posts to Facebook and Twitter. A couple difficulties inside...

My old WordPress blog has recently been slurped (willingly and happily) into a larger, multi-author website. The old blog was all set up to automatically post to WordPress and Twitter when a new post was published (Networked Blogs). Perfect, and it worked on its own with no problems.

The new, multi-author blog does its own social networking efforts on behalf of all the writers - of course, I'd like to have my own Facebook and Twitter populated with my own posts.

Difficulties, of course: chances of getting a plug-in installed are slim to nil. Networked Blogs works, but it picks up ALL the blogger's posts, not just mine...

If anyone can explain Yahoo Pipes, that would be awesome; if there's another solution, that's awesome too. The syndication engine just needs to publish blog post A to personal Facebook page B, fan page C, and Twitter name D.
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Try If this then that.

I'm not completely sure it will work with a multi-user wordpress setup, but it is worth a try. I am pretty sure it will work with parts B, C, and D. You may have to specify a tag (such as "chris in south korea") or something, but it's not complicated to set up and I think it is at least worth a try.
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Best answer: Install the RSS Graffiti app in Facebook. Nothing to install in the actual blog, and I believe you can select the exact RSS feed that you want to have automatically published to Facebook. As to Twitter... can't help ya there...
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Response by poster: Thanks brownrd! That's exactly what I was looking for :)
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Chris, I have used that app for exactly 2 weeks now. It appears to update Facebook every hour, and it doesn't post anything in the feed prior to its installation. In addition, it will post WordPress blog posts to the Facebook page I administer without posting it to my own person wall, which is a plus (or it will do both).
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