How to find the Melbourne (Australia) hardcore punk scene again?
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How to find the Melbourne (Australia) hardcore punk scene again?

Soooo in about 1998 I discovered hardcore punk music and would go to these little gigs at Midian studios (and a few other places but that's the main one I can remember) and then I discovered metal which took over my life for about 10 years til I discovered that there's aggressive hip hop too! But recently I've been digging through my old music and getting all nostalgic and I want to start going to some little shows again and burning off some energy - but I am way out of touch and have no idea where all of this happens, what zines are around now and what local bands to check out etc. So where do I start?
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Best answer: Tune your dial to 106.7FM for PBS - the home of little heard music in Melbourne. Contact their most punk dj for club recommendations and perhaps go visit their studios in Easey St, Collingwood (such a punk named street with a murderous history) to check out the free music weeklies they'll have around. Then tramp around Fitzroy to places such as Poison City Skate & Record store for some further input.
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