No period (at least yet...) on the mini-pill?
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No period (at least yet) on a progestin-only birth control pill; do I really have to go in to the doctor?

I had to switch from Nuvaring to a progestin-only pill in late November because of highish blood pressure. I unexpectedly got an unusually heavy but short period beginning on December 5, a week after I switched, but things have been normal since- not even spotting.

I have had sex a handful of times in that time period, but I have taken the pill religiously within a 2-hour range every day and took a (negative) home pregnancy test a couple days ago. The pill's packaging says to go in to see the doctor if you go more than 45 days without a period. Do I really need to do this? Irregular menstruation (or lack of periods entirely) is a well-known side effect of the mini-pill and, with a negative pregnancy test, I feel pretty comfortable not going in assuming they're not going to do anything more than give me another pregnancy test. Is that assumption correct?
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I've been on the PoP for the best part of a decade and haven't had a period in all that time and no doctor has even batted an eye when the subject has come up. However, my pills don't say I need to see a doctor if I don't have a period for 45 days, unless its going to be a huge financial hardship, I go just this once to find out if there is something to be concerned about.
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Call as ask to speak to the nurse about it. Most likely the nurse will confirm over the phone that you don't need to come in.
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Usually things are irregular the first 3 months. I had 3 weeks of spotting, then nothing, then a 3 day period. I wouldn't be concerned, but if your pills say to see the doctor, I would at least call the office and ask if you really need to come in.
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Huh. I took the PoP for the better part of a year and never once had a period. Didn't occur to me that I should have that checked out--I took it mostly as a stroke of good fortune! I think the packaging is just being overcareful. But if you're concerned, call the nurse.
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Most doctors will talk to you on the phone briefly as a follow-up or if you have a quick question like this. Try calling your doctor.
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I started taking the progestin-only mini-pill recently in part because of the high possibility of not getting my period.

If you've been taking it as directed and a pregnancy test was negative, you're probably fine but it sounds like you need reassurance so call the nurse.
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