How to quickly add a watermark....
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Looking for the easiest, quickest, and least processor-power hungry way to add watermarks to video....

Going to be attending a live event later in the year, where we will be looking to take some video, watermark it, and upload it as quickly as possible to YouTube. It's possible that the computers to be used won't have much processing power, but looking for any options really. Looking to the hive-mind to see if anyone knows of anything I don't.

Not looking to do any other editing other than adding the watermark, so things like command-line programs (if such a thing might exist) are welcome. Solutions for both PC and Mac also welcome. Thanks in advance all :-)
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Virtualdubmod can do this. A tutorial here.
posted by sanka at 7:47 PM on January 28, 2012

There are a couple of command-line programs that will do this—mencoder and ffmpeg. Here's a guide to doing it with ffmpeg. It's a single command.
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what are you using to film?
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