How do I construct a url to search Amazon's kindle store?
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How do I construct a URL so that it will search Amazon's Kindle store with any text I append to the end of it? I can create one to search all of Amazon (by simply taking the URL I get as the result of an ordinary search and adding words to the end), but I can't find a way of specifying in the URL that it should only search the Kindle store.
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Replace "METAFILTER" with your search terms.
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Response by poster: How odd -- I did try that but it didn't seem to work. It seemed to revert to a standard Amazon search. But now it seems to work fine. Out of interest, does anybody know what the X= and Y= bits are that appear at the end of a search?
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I'm not gettin x or y on amazon searches but if the search button is an image rather than a submit button the x and y coordinates of where you clicked get passed into the query string
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