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Looking for a good resource that could tell me the best way to watch the 2012 Oscar-nominated movies (i.e. only in theaters, dvd available)?

Since mrs p and I are under "house arrest" what with the baby and all, we would like to watch as many of the 2012 Oscar-nominated movies as we can before the Oscars without leaving the house.

I'd also like to do this as legally as possible.

Any idea on the options? I have DirecTV, if that helps.
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Of the best picture nominees, "The Help", "Midnight in Paris", "Moneyball", and "The Tree of Life" are all on DVD, the others are all currently in theaters near me, YMMV. You can usefully check Redbox's and Netflix's website to see what is out on disc, even if you don't plan to sign up.
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Andy Baio's (Metafilter's own waxpancake) annual spreadsheet is mostly about pirating, but it also includes DVD release dates and other availability. Background.
posted by Mo Nickels at 11:30 AM on January 28, 2012 [1 favorite] has a nice collection of all of the various ways of watching all sorts of movies including the current Oscar contenders. When you hit the front page scroll down to Queue or Watch the 2011 Oscar Nominees.
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