Samsung Allshare Problems
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Cannot connect Samsung television to shared laptop (allshare problem)

Let me preface this question by saying I am a tech n00b and beg your patience.

I recently bought a Samsung LED television (Model UA40D6600). Managed to connect wirelessly to my router fine and can browse the web no problem.

Laptop with shared homegroup is attached to the same router (Netgear DG834G) - also no problem.

When I try and access the allshare feature on the television I get the error message "there is no device connected". I have the allshare app installed on my laptop, yet I can't "see" the television from there either.

I tried forwarding ports related to UPnP in my router settings. No luck. I disable anti-virus and windows firewalls - still can't get the laptop to talk to the tv via the router.

Further information can be provided on request - any help would be appreciated.
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So you've forwarded port 4000 to your computer on the router? I've heard Ps3 Media Server can be used with AllShare. Wonder if that would work? Shooting in the dark, but this thread might be useful soon.

Does Samsung have a technical support line?
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This worked in the last thread, and it sounds like it might here too:

Try a different DLNA server program on your computer, like Serviio. The Allshare bit on your TV should still recognize the share.
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@backwardsguitar I've forwarded ports 2869 (TCP) and 1900 (UDP) as these are the ports used by UPnP. Should I forward 4000 TCP or UDP?

@carsonb tried both Serviio and Mezzmo. Selecting allshare on the television just brings up the "there are no devices connected" message.

So strange. They're both connected to the router. Independent IP addresses. Internet access fine. There must be a setting on the router preventing them from seeing each other.
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If this is the first time you're connecting the two devices, it can take up to a few hours for them to see each other. Also, we had a lot of trouble with it over a wireless connection even after it started working initially. The devices would drop out all the time while we were streaming and take forever to reconnect. If at all possible I recommend stashing your router under your TV and connecting it directly.

(And in the mean time using a little USB drive to shuttle movies back and forth between the laptop and your TV. ;)
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I read port 4000 somewhere, so might be worth a shot.
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I recently got a simliar TV. I quickly decided the router needed to be within ethernet cable distance of the TV, as everything just works with wire.
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Yep. That seems to be the problem Fupped Duck. Plugged in the laptop with an ethernet cable and the tv picked it up immediately. I then tried it via wireless (same distance as before) and it is working fine now. Very odd. Thanks for the help all!
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