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Music Heaven - Old man seeks new music from a generation behind me from persons ca. 20 to 29. Recommendations, youtube links, personal favs - greatly appreciated.

Bored with all the stuff my generation waxes on, give me your best. Genre doesn't count, I just want to hear and digest things not on the radio.
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a bit old, but:
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Sleigh Bells have one of the most unique contemporary sounds.
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Best answer: And I don't think you'll ever catch Xiu Xiu or White Ring on the radio.
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I dig this video although it's not brand new:

And I don't really know what's on the radio, but lately I'm listening to
The xx
Of Monsters and Men
Matt and Kim

I'll come back with more later. Hope that's what you're looking for.
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My favorite bands are Death Cab for Cutie and Explosions in the Sky.
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I have a LONG list for you:
-Active Child
-Amy Winehouse
-Angus and Julia Stone
-Antony and the Johnsons
-Arcade Fire
-Bon Iver
-Cat Power
-City and Colour
-Ellie Goulding
-Fleet Foxes
-Florence and the Machine
-The Fray
-Frightened Rabbit
-How to Dress Well
-James Blake
-Kanye West
-Lana Del Rey
-Mumford & Sons
-The National
-Snow Patrol
-Sufjan Stevens
-The Tallest Man On Earth
-Tegan and Sara
-The Veils
-The Weeknd
-William Fitzsimmons
-Xiu Xiu

This list might seem like way too much, but if you want me to organize it for you by genre or anything else then I don't mind doing that. Enjoy!
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I will endlessly wax on about how absolutely spectacular Grails are, until the end of time. Their tone sprawls wildly from lonesome acid-western to exuberant charging to east-west downtempo fusion to 70s film inspired creepiness to just wow. And experiencing their live shows is something bordering on an ecstatic experience of energetic wildness. The buildups can be slow or sudden, but give each track time to just unfurl in your earspace and let the magic happen.
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Best answer: I have huge girl crushes on Sarah Jaffe, The Lower 48, and Pearl and the Beard.

The Front Bottoms, Count Zero, Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside, Samm Neiland, Songs To Wear Pants To, Molly Lewis, We Are Augustines, Radwimps, Sleepy Vikings, Ratatat, and Sleeper Agent are some of my other favorites right now. Also, Jonathan Coulton is really, really huge with nerdy 20-29 year olds.

Check out MeFi music, too! It's full of cool things that aren't on the radio.
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Recommended albums:

Owen Pallet — Heartland

Yeah Yeah Yeahs — It's Blitz!

Grizzly Bear — Vekatimest

St. Vincent — Marry Me

The Arcade Fire — Funeral

The Dodos — Visiter

Dirty Projectors — Bitte Orca

Goldfrapp — Seventh Tree

MGMT — Oracular Spectacular

Bosque Brown — Baby

Ra Ra Riot — The Rhumb Line

The New Pornographers — Electric Version

Fort Wilson Riot — Predator/Prey (full disclosure: friends of mine)

Aloe Blacc — Good Things

Daniel Merriweather — Love & War

Esperanza Spalding — Esperanza
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Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know" just won the most popular song on Australia's Triple J Hottest 100 for 2011, which seems to be what all the cool kids are into. It's a popular vote and, speaking as a fellow old man, I really like the song.

You can listen to the whole 100, if you've got some hours to burn. Here, in the "Listen Back" box.
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Oh, you said "not on the radio". Still, Triple J is not quite your mainstream radio station. Their yearly Hottest 100 is pretty highly regarded here.
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Response by poster: SWEET! Please keep more recommendations coming, very much appreciated!
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Here are some interesting ones that haven't been mentioned:

Mannheim Steamroller made albums from the 70's all through the 00's:

Haven't seen anyone mention Boards of Canada yet...this music has such power that I find it overwhelming:

Radiohead is a classic of both my generation and the generation before me (Gen X):

Seconding Ratatat for something more fun:

How about The Books? Their music has a kind of hopeful feeling to it that I like:

Between you and me, I would take livinglearning's list with a grain of salt :)
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Response by poster: thanks! please keep some more coming. In a way it is strange to see people passionate about music again, it's just weird.
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TV on the Radio. Ted Leo (with or without the Pharmacists). Dismemberment Plan.
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I'm not sure of the band members' ages, but a few of my favorite young (compared to me) groups:

- Crystal Stilts

- Veronica Falls

- Tame Impala (they sound to me like a mix of Dungen and Apples in Stereo)

- Wooden Shjips
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Sorry for the double comment, but since you also asked for YouTube clips, here's one video for one great song from each of the albums I recommended in my previous comment:

Owen Pallet — Lewis Takes Off His Shirt

Yeah Yeah Yeahs — Zero

Grizzly Bear — Southern Point

St. Vincent — Your Lips Are Red

The Arcade Fire — Crown of Love

The Dodos — Red and Purple

Dirty Projectors — Temecula Sunrise

Goldfrapp — Monster Love

MGMT — The Youth

Bosque Brown — White Dove

Ra Ra Riot — Ghost Under Rocks

The New Pornographers — The Laws Have Changed

Fort Wilson Riot — Love Song for Mabee Burlingham (Pieces of the War Part 1)

Aloe Blacc — Miss Fortune

Daniel Merriweather — For Your Money (with Sean Lennon, son of John, on lead guitar)

Esperanza Spalding — Precious
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I was just riding in my car, listening to some music my son had found and brought to me, and thinking: huh, like a pair of young falcons, these kids -- I used to feed them music; now they feed me. Of course, being separate and individual organisms, they like stuff I don't -- but I don't remember the names of those things.

So here are my favorites that my kids have brought me, by kid:

L.Cpl. Socks:
Tokyo Police Club
Various excellent new rap, for example: New Boyz
Matt Costa
American dubstep, for example: Gold Dust
Large quantities of bad music to hate on, for example: in the words of L.Cpl. Socks, "Listen to this fucking abortion"

Miss Socks:
Agent Ribbons
Quelqu'un M'a Dit
Miniature Tigers
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They haven't put out anything in a bit, but Calexico. Mariachi, jazz, and rock.
posted by notsnot at 7:02 PM on January 27, 2012's the open source music project...a lot of it is terrible, but there's a bunch of really good stuff there (i particularly like _aa_ ) ...and you're free to copy, share or remix it all to your heart's delight as it's all 100% copyright-free.
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A couple of songs... if you're like me and love piano in your rock/pop music.

I second Adele.
Ben Folds (has a lot of different types of song, this is one of my favorites).

Here is a smaller lesser known band: Hey Rosetta! (slower tune, slightly peppier tune!)
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Caribou - Irene

Fiery Furnaces - Police Sweater Blood Vow (fun fact: this is an actual brother-sister act, not a White Stripes-style "brother-sister act")

Emeralds - Damaged Kids (this is 15 minutes of headphone music, or serious-speaker music if you have a better source than youtube. Big shift in the second half.)

Kelley Polar - Matter into Energy

Ariel Pink - Interesting Results (sometimes context is fun to deliver: this guy is not as "big" as somebody like say Animal Collective, but he has some cultish fans and is apparently at the spiritual center of something vaguely approaching a scene? This is from when he used to sound like AM radio on purpose)

Nicolaas Jaar - Space Is Only Noise If You Can See

Josephine Foster and the Supposed - Worried and Sorry (thank you for prompting me to remember that I love this song. She has a lot more material without the Supposed, if you're inclined to search.)

Department of Eagles - Family Romance (in honor of brother-sister acts)

This is what a fun one-hit wonder (because it already seems like maybe she doesn't have anything else?) that gets played on the internet instead of the radio sounds like:

Kreayshawn - Gucci Gucci

It's good to ride a bike to.
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Can't link from this mobile, but try some cool blogs like My Old Kentucky Blog.

There are dozens like this and you'll get all the new bands from them.
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I agree with Mumford and Sons as well as Florence+The Machine, but I urge you to try 30 Seconds to Mars.
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How about Lemon Jelly, Good weather for ducks and Royksopp's Poor Leno?
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Oh, and everybody loves (or hates) tUnE-yArDs.
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Blue Scholars

Don't know how popular they are, but I like them.
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Molly Nilsson
Tim Hecker
Patrick Watson
Besnard Lakes
Cut Copy
Spoon ( Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga)
The Whitest Boy Alive (Dreams)
Chrome Sparks
Coral Egan
Die Antwoord
Shout out louds

I also really love Holst's The Planets, but that's VERY old
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I don't know what the kids listen to, but I really like Yuck, Other Lives (who are touring with Radiohead) and The Antlers. I've seen Mumford and Sons twice at music festivals, and people go nuts for their live stuff.
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