Open all pinned items on Windows 7 jump lists?
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Is there any way to open all of the pinned items on a program's jump list in Windows 7?

I have a couple of programs with a bunch of files that I check each day, and it'd be nice if I could right-click on them and click "open all pinned items" or something. Just for convenience's sake. Any ideas?
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Best answer: I think you're referring to pinned items on the bottom task bar and the "jump list" is the menu that opens above them. The old "quick launch" stuff yes?

I'm pretty sure you can't choose more than one item from that menu at a time.

Instead, you can try opening the base program that you're using, then drag and drop a bunch of files on top of the open program - the computer will usually open them all. Not every program does this. We frequently use this technique in Photoshop.
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Best answer: It would be pretty easy to whip up a script in either AutoIT or AutoHotkey to do this for you. You could then compile them into a single executable.
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Response by poster: Thanks-- either will work, I'll try them both out.
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