What to do [next] Friday night in Charlotte, NC?
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How do I paint Charlotte, NC, red next Friday night?

I've got a sales-trip to Raleigh and mostly Charlotte, with car, and will have a few hours of each day to kill. I've got my eye on the Levine Museum of the New South and, heaven help me, the NASCAR Hall of Fame sounds like something I might enjoy.

But Thursday night my partner is bailing on me so I need something to do Friday night in Charlotte before I head south for another week of sales on Saturday.

I like good beers, good cocktails, good cigars, movies, theater, interesting bookstores, and novel experiences. I'm not up for dancing or sports (audience or participation). I'm male, if it happens to matter.

I could even stay Saturday night and do the drive on Sunday if the Charlotte attraction is sufficient.
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Best answer: If it were me, I'd be at the Flying Saucer.
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Best answer: Flying Saucer is great, I recommend getting the 5 mini beers so you can try a few different types.

Down the road from Flying Saucer is The Last Word, a nifty little bookstore tucked in beside IHOP at the corner of WT Harris and N. Tryon, so you might snag a book and then head for some beer at TFS.

I'm working until 7 that night but if you'd like some company husband and I would be glad to meet you at The Flying Saucer, have fun in Charlotte!
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Also, the Mummies exhibit at the Discovery Museum is really cool, better than the Nascar Museum IMO.
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Response by poster: Oh, excellent! I loved the Flying Saucer, and joined the UFO club, on my one and only trip (so far) at the Columbia SC location about 4-5 years ago. I still have my swipe-card, but I'll have to update my Beerknurd T-shirt. I'm greatly obliged to you both for reminding me of that.

Oh hell, there's one in Raleigh, too! Would 3 Flying Saucers in about one week activate my "Completist" gene? I hope not-- gotta lot of cities to cover!

Mummies sounds good too-- that could be a good afternoon visit.
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Good beers are to be found at the Common Market (Plaza Midwood) and less crowded. They also have amazing sandwiches on homemade bread. Go during the day, and check out that whole area.
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