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I need help identifying a song I heard this afternoon. Difficulty: in French, and no Google luck.

I was listening to WCBN-FM online today around 12:15PM EST. A song came on in French; it sounded like a jangly 60s rock song. Repeated lyrics included "depuis que la terre s'est mise à tourner" and "chasse au bonheur"; there were also lines with the terms "toutes les nations", "Charlemagne", "Napoléon", and "guitare[s]."

The song was not on the online playlist of WCBN, which listed the songs immediately before and after that one. I called and spoke to the DJ, who said that that song had been played by the DJ before him, who had already left the studio. Google has not been helpful. Please hope me!
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"moyen[s] pacifique[s]" was also a lyric.
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Did you notice this page? I'm assuming it was Nous Non Plus with Oh No, Not Again, assuming that is a correct playlist.
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Sorry, read the whole question, you saw the online playlist, forget I said anything. I was just assuming the lyric would turn up while I was listening.
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ambrosen: Yes, it was between "dahorses" by alias and "Hully Gully" by Olympic Big Beat.
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Sadly, I only started looking because I recognised the description from a song I heard a lot in 2003 and really enjoyed. And Nous Non Plus sound nothing like that. I think it was current then.

It was kind of giving a history of the world with the last few chapters being about rock and roll, right?
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ambrosen: yes, it was!
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ambrosen: Are you a native French-speaker? Where did you hear this song?
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I have friends from France. I'm in the UK. My ex-girlfriend (who was doing a degree in French) had it on a compilation. I'm not particularly in touch with her any more, otherwise I'd ask straight away, because I really want to hear it again.
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WCBN DJ here. The DJ posted this on our mailing list:

<> enter a song that I played on the playlist. It was a group from Quebec
called M2 + AC, and the tune was called "La Course." Someone sign onto
metafilter and let the fella know!>>

Thank you for listening to WCBN-FM!
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For everyone whose curiosity was piqued, here it is:
M2 + AC, "La Course" (1967)
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