Are there any good public locations for tabletop gaming in Manhattan?
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Are there any good public locations for tabletop gaming in Manhattan?

I'm part of a regular game that's been meeting at the Compleat Strategist for Saturday afternoon gaming. The site works well enough, but we all have complex schedules and every now and then we'd like to try an evening or Sunday game. (The Strat is closed Sundays, and closes at 6 most other nights.)

Sadly, the only ones of us with large enough apartments to host a game live out in the wilds of New Jersey, which a bit too far out of range for the folks coming from the wilds of Long Island (or Queens residents who don't drive, etc.) I was wondering if there are other locations that would tolerate 5-8 people occupying a table for hours, and have evening or Sunday hours. I recall we did a MeFi board gaming meetup that way once, but I'm not sure if tabletop gamers would go over as well.
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There are many spaces like this in Manhattan due to the Privately Owned Public Spaces program.

Here's a list of some of them with details. It doesn't include one of my favorites, the Olympic Tower atrium (though I don't know what its hours are.)

A newly renovated one that is open until 10 PM every day of the year is the David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center.
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My ex ran a ton of RPGs in public in New York, and his go-to places were Cranberry Deli and Cafe 28. As far as food choice/price they're pretty similar, iirc.

You might also want to ask around on the NerdNYC forums about good venues.
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I've seen people getting together for this sort of thing in several of the Privately Owned Public Spaces Jahaza mentions. Specifically the concourse level food court space below Rockefeller Center and the atrium at the Citibank Center on 53rd.
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The Fat Cat is a West Village bar just a few doors down from the 1 train Christopher St. stop. They have Ping Pong, shuffleboard, and board games on offer, and are pretty much pretty damn chill and may well not mind a BYOG (bring your own game) group.

Only thing I'm not certain about, off the top of my head, is if they have tables large enough for 5-8. But possibly worth strolling by if you're looking for somewhere alcohol would be served.
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