An app to order random crap?
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A couple of years ago, I read about a guy who wrote a script that would randomly order items that cost $1, so he'd get a bunch of cheap, unexpected stuff from all over. I think it was for ebay auctions, but maybe it was amazon. Does anyone remember this or know where his page was? And if you don't, does anyone know of something similar to that (automatically ordering random cheap stuff)?
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Best answer: Original XKCD comic and the script working in real life.
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Month of Packages.
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There's also this AskMeFi: What can i buy online for a dollar.
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There was a Metafilter thread about it at the time too.
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hmm...that all seems defunct...try lastminute-auction...even if it's not automated, it is a huge list of everything on ebay ending in the next hour that's a dollar or less (last minute (natch) on the front page...up to an hour in the separate categories)'s at least a good resource for making your own script...
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