How to add FX to videos on iOS?
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What are iOS apps like Snapseed and Filterstorm, but for video — to add basic effects and color correct videos shot with iPad, iPhone? VideoFX Live doesn't do the job because it only allows shooting new videos, not edit existing.
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Maybe one of these?
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Response by poster: mattbucher,
8mm only adds retro effects and doesn't do basic color correction.
Viddy will not do anything unless you join their social network — so I don't know what it does.
Vlix is also only social, and ugly too — I don't know what it does.

So is there some beautiful app enabling people to adjust brightness, color, etc. in their videos?
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I'm hoping someone will suggest an iOS app that allows the more fine-tuned grading choices you've mentioned; I've been looking for a while and haven't yet come across one. The closest I've found is Red Giant's Magic Bullet Movie Looks, which offers forty preset filters you can apply in post-processing. I had high hopes, as Red Giant's Magic Bullet grading software for the desktop is pretty awesome (and admittedly costs about $400). Having used the Movie Looks app a few times, however, I can't really recommend it—most of the filters are hideous, as are the render times. Yet I still can't offer a better alternative.
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Actually, I just did another sweep, and if you have an iPhone 4S/iOS 5, VideoGrade looks worth a try. It looks like you can modify "saturation, brightness, contrast, recovery, color temperature, tint, B&W and vignette" via sliders, and that "some of the adjustments can be applied to specific zones of the video image".
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