Where can my dog and I go and have coffee?
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How do I find dog friendly businesses in Northern New Jersey?

I love to take my awesome dog out wherever I can. She is a really great cafe dog even though she is a high energy Vizsla. It actually seems to really tire her out just laying down and being good which is great on a gross day like today when I don't want to go for a hike. Also, I work from home so this kind of outing is healthy for me as well.

There was a great place in Morristown that I found randomly by stopping and noticing someone hanging out with a dog. This spot was perfect since I like the coffee shop and it was close to where my wife works so we would meet for a lunch date. They were very dog friendly and even kept treats at the counter for them. Sadly they just closed, I would guess mostly because of the ten Starbucks locations within a ten mile radius.

A bit of Googling just lead to really terrible sites and places with outdoor seating, mostly chains. In the summer it is much more easy to just go to places with outdoor seating but in the winter, what options are there?
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Don't you know, answers will not be provided without the obligatory picture?
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A little further from Morristown, Chatham Cafe Beethoven.
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Response by poster: sorry for not including a picture...

here is a video
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