Manhattan Temp Agency Reccomendations?
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NYC Temp Agency Filter: Anyone have experience with AccounTemps, or reccomendations for good temp agencies in Manhattan?

I live in New York state, an hour north of NYC. I have been commuting to NYC via MetroNorth for work for the past year but was recently laid off. Work prospects in my immediate area are not so good (hence why I've been working in Manhattan - I don't mind commuting and I love the train) so I registered with a few temp agencies online specifying their Manhattan offices. One agency called back (AccounTemps) and left me a vm yesterday, but it was the Danbury, CT branch. Technically Danbury is closer to me than Manhattan, but barely, and it is not accessible easily by public transportation. I am a little irked that I specified the Manhattan branch of AccounTemps and they ignored it. Read a few reviews of AccounTemps online and they are all overwhelmingly negative, which seems to be a red flag. Should I call the Danbury branch back and explain I want Manhattan placement? Should I just show up to a Manhattan office today in person (I will be there having lunch with a former colleague)?

Relatedly, can anyone reccomend any good temp/staffing agencies in NYC? I have a list from a Time Out NY article, but would prefer to poll the NYC hive mind for actual experience/reccommendations/suggestions as I trust you all more than Time Out NY.

Thanks in advance.
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Leafstone was by far the best one I used -- they kept me employed for ten straight years. If you're looking for them online, they're a division of the national Corestaff network.

And a tangent: I've not worked with the agency itself, but rather with someone in it. In 2009, my main contact at Leafstone was a MIRACLE WORKER, and got me surprisingly consistent work even in the worst of the recession. She moved to Page Personell in 2010, and while I was doing okay for work by then, I still missed her. If you approach Page and have the option to speak to someone specific, ask for Dyanna!
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I liked Atrium
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Forrest Solutions has found jobs for 2 of my friends now, always within a week and always after other places had failed to do so, so I recommend them to everybody. My most recent friend got direct-hired as a perm employee, in fact.
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