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What are some good internet security forums / blogs to follow?

I like reading about the ways corporations are recording my every move, how the government is infringing on all of my rights, and how the populous is smiling and letting it happen. What are some forums or blogs about internet security and privacy that I should read to help educate me and further my paranoia.
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Schneier on Security
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Coming here to say Schneier on Security and I also like Secrecy News.
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Schneier is really the blog to read. He won't quite further your paranoia, but he'll make you much smarter about security.
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I highly recommend Schneier as well. I also quite like the danger room over at wired, not strictly security but a lot of the same subject matter. Also the metasploit folks are a fantastic source.
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Schneier for solid information and well-informed discussion, Gibson for wtf and lulz.
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Ah, interesting topic.

Of course Schneier like the others recommend.

I also like threatpost, by Kaspersky Lab (an antivirus company, but the blog is free of any marketing/selling).

For the "government infringing on all my rights" part of it I really like Techdirt. They covered the SOPA/PIPA thing long before it became a major force. They talk about lots of tech issues related to people's rights, though not all posts are focused specifically on security aspects.
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These are the 5 I recommend in my security talk.

Schneier on Security :
Naked Security – Sophos :
Security FAQs :
SANS Reading Room :
Security Now Podcast :

I have an OPML file with hundreds, probably darn close to just about every security site, if you want to MefiMail me I can show you were to download it. I'm a HEAVY reader of security online.
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Definitely Naked Security. I also like Zero Day and if you want to get really in-depth Mind Streams of Information.
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