UFOs in NJ? Fireballs in the sky? What's going on?
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UFOs in New Jersey? Fireballs in the sky? WTF did we just see?

Earlier this evening I saw a weird deflated ball-shaped object floating over my head. It's hard for me to say how large it was or how high it was, but I think it was about the size of a deflated large exercise ball, maybe 6-10 stories above my head, floating slowly toward Philadelphia.

Half an hour ago, my friend saw several fireballs in the sky, moving slower and lower than a jet.

We are in Southern New Jersey.
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Best answer: I would guess that they were Chinese Sky Lanterns.
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Best answer: Does this look at all similar? If so, definitely a sky lantern - you can find dozens of videos showing them on youtube, so you can see if any of them look about right.
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Best answer: In case you didn't know, the Chinese new year began on the 23rd and ends with the Lantern Festival on the 15th day (I think) but lanterns are often lit before then because they look so awesome.
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Best answer: Thirding Chinese sky lanterns. Happy New Year! Kind of a let-down, I'm sure. I'd prefer it were aliens, too.
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Response by poster: That looks right. Thanks!
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