Desks to match the walls
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I am trying to find photos of rooms where the furniture (desks, armoires...) is painted the same shade as the wall.

(Yes, I saw the all-white room in today's NYTimes and that is more drastic than I am looking for-- it's ok for accents and other stuff to be a different color).
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Here are a few
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Last ones I promise! There term you are looking for is monochromatic.

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I am so sorry, I should have been more clear. I am looking for painted furniture (typically wooden, not sofas, not bedding, not built-in) that exactly matches the walls that are directly behind said furniture, in a color that is not white. I've spent all day googling and have only found 5 or so photos, and didn't see anything new in the links above.
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I can't find much either (probably because the received wisdom is that monochromatic rooms work best in varied shades, not exact matches), but here are a few that might fit your criteria:
blue table/blue wall
green desk/green wall (maybe not quite an exact match: hard to tell on a computer screen)
green bed/green wall (hard to tell for sure if the bed is painted, but I think so.)

I found a lot more if you count upholstered headboards, but you really only want painted furniture, huh?
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Also, maybe this blue desk/blue wall, if you don't require the desk be pushed up against the wall? (Again, hard to tell for sure if it's painted).
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Review stills from Hitchcock movies - this was one of his favorite conceits in set design. Walls and trim painted in one color, sometimes tone-on-tone, with hard furnishings painted to match. Most notable in Vertigo, where color played a role in the film.
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