Food oil prices as raw materials
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Where can I find a simple like-for-like publicly available price comparison between palm, sunflower, corn and olive oils as raw materials?

A British Medical Journal paper, Nutritional change is not a simple answer to non-communicable diseases, Yach, BMJ 2011;343:d5097 has a table of food oil prices shown as an offset from palm oil. Unfortunately it only shows the offset, not the base price, and in quoting it I'd like the latter too. We are talking about their commodity market prices as raw materials, not their retail price at the supermarket.

The source Yach quotes is (of course) behind a paywall and many of the prices one might find seem to be on subscription services. Is there not some public source where you can just see the prices side by side - more or less how the table in Yach would it be if only it was quoting prices and not the offset?

I've had a look at sites like Dow Jones, Bloomberg and Reuter. I'm getting nowhere fast with it on my own - I don't even speak the language.

I only really need the for prices: sunflower, corn and olive as healthier oils to compare with palm. I don't need to replicate Yach's figures, though that would be fine too - all I want to do is compare the four prices, whether it's this week or last year and whichever market it is, so that it's a fair comparison and you can basically just say "look how much more expensive A is than B".

I hope this is clear - if I can try to improve it as a query please indicate. Thanks!
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Response by poster: the four prices I mean! :(
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Best answer: Have you looked at the index Mundi pages?

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I couldn't find corn oil pricing, by the way - just corn in general. None of the sources I used in my finance classes list corn oil separately.
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