Printing, Framing and delivery a picture frame in Chicago
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Frame Robert Fulgham's text as a gift to a soon-to-be-married couple. In Chicago.

Is there an online store in Chicago that will print, frame and deliver Robert Fulgham's wedding vows text ? I am looking for a real classy frame with a clean, warm script - not the plasticky-looking things in low end stores.

This is for a couple about to get married and I would like them to hang it in their house forever!

Are there such stores?
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Why not have it done local to you? Any decent frame shop should be able to pack a framed print for shipping.
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Have you looked on Etsy? Many sellers there are willing to do custom work (here's a link to results for "custom calligraphy Chicago"), and these will likely fall within the parameters of classy (at least you'll be able to better vet it).
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In case I wasn't too helpful above, I've found the folks at Poster Plus to be nice to deal with. My wife has used Peterson Picture Co.

You can send a digital file to any FedEx Print location and they can ship the print it to the framers. You would need to arrange things with the framers as far as them shipping the completed frame. It would probably help if you had a FedEx account number that they can use, so they would just need to pack it up, print out a label, and have it ready for the next pickup.
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